509 Florence,  Renovation & Conversion   More Photos

This former rooming house was purchased in conjunction with the adjacent
condominium  land.  A two story addition was added to the rear, being careful to
match the historic detailing of the houses siding, roof lines, and eves.  All new
electric, plumbing, heat and air was added.  The porch was rebuilt the floorplan was
opened up.  The house was then put on the market and resold as a single family
1008 Dorothea Drive, Renovation & Conversion

This former duplex rental unit had two sets of fire escape stairs as its only point of
entry over a large basement.  We had a special roof structure engineered to allow
the creation of a huge open area.  A two sided fireplace was created from the
original coal fireplace.  The basement was excavated and a grand entrance with a
handcrafted stairway was installed connecting the front entrance to the main floor.
214 Heck St, Renovation & Conversion

This quaint shotgun house in east Raleigh was purchased, renovated, and resold.  
Extensive structural work was done, the floor was rebuilt, new plumbing, electrical,
kitchen and baths installed. New porch rails were installed, the foundation was
rebuilt, and a decades of yard debris were removed.
804 W. Hargett St, Restoration        Click Here to see Original Flyer

This house was used a storage area and office for decades prior to our purchase.   
The interior was demolished to the studs and an innovative floorplan was
reconstructed to take advantage of the small space.  A  large historic window was
installed in the rear of the house overlooking a charming courtyard.   Careful
attention to detail led to a number of competing offers on this home.
502 Cole Street, Restoration and Conversion  Click here to see original flyer

When we purchased this house it had been cut into four apartments.   A dilapidated
rear addition was demolished and rebuilt.  The front piers foundations were rebuilt, a
specialized craftsman was hired to repair the cut glass front doorway.  A jmedia room
was installed along, elaborate trim work, gourmet kitchen, a large deck and attic loft.
620 W. Cabarrus St, Renovation   More Photos

We purchased, renovated and lived in this house in Boylan Heights.  It had been a
neglected rental for many years.  The ceilings had been lowered from the original
12’ tall to 8’, which made them lower then the windows in some cases.  The house
was restored and modernized.  A rear porch was glassed in to provide
uninterrupted views of Raleigh’s skyline .  
806 W. Hargett St.  

This house had been previously renovated, but was in need of  some TLC and
exterior improvements.  The side entrance was in conflict with the adjacent house.  
We made several improvements and created an innovative cross access
agreement granting full rights to the side yard to this house turning the once
neglected area into amenity.
1105 W. Lenoir

This former rental house was purchased and renovated.  Extensive structural work
was done including the reconstruction of the front porch.  The floor plan was
opened up and a new kitchen and a new bathroom were installed.
803 W. Hargett St., Restoration

This house had been a three bedroom rental with extensive structural damage to
the flooring system.  We opened the floor plan up, converting one bedroom to a
dining room connecting to both the living and kitchen spaces.  The floors were
rebuilt using salvaged wood and refinished to match.  New high end finished
completed the transformation.
131 S. Boylan Avenue Renovation

This five thousand square foot Queen Anne Victorian is situated on the corner of
Hargett and Boylan.  After 119 S. Boylan was abruptly demolished, we purchased
121 & 131 S. Boylan and performed extensive renovations to both buildings,
preserving them for future generations.
CitySpace Historic Restorations
For more then fifteen years we have been making improvements to the historic fabric of
downtown Raleigh
These are a few of the projects we have undertaken  
Working to preserve, restore and recreate
historic homes and neighborhoods
since 1994